One of the most glorious things about living in this modern era is that we can really do and become whatever it is we want. We have all the necessary tools at our fingertips: YouTube, smartphones and computers. If 20 or so years ago we would have raised our hands in class to boast of our fashion blogger dreams, our teachers would have probably asked, “What in the world is that?” Such a thing didn’t exist.

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But now, with thanks to technology and audacious souls who’ve convinced the world that we all need to stalk their style, fashion blogging is a real thing. Fly dressers are documenting their #OOTD (outfits of the day) on social media and platforms like WordPress and Blogger. Whether you want to build a whole brand around the relatively new idea, or just jot your style sense for fun, you too can take part in the craze. But first, follow these five fashion bloggers for some inspiration.

Aleali May, @alealimay

Image consultant, model and blogger. The effortlessly fly girl, whose name is pronounced uh•lay•lee, started working in fashion for Louis Vuitton and RSVP Gallery. She loves creating with others and has partnered with mega brands like Audi USA and Nike. On her personal blog,, you can catch May’s take on fashion, modeling, art, lifestyle, music and entertainment.