“To be honest with you, I’m kind of fearless. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. I like taking risks. I kind of like being on the edge a little bit and I know that I’m favored. Everything that happens to me, through the day, God is with me.” – Tiffany Foxx, Rapper

Many say the willingness to take a risk, is the first step towards accomplishing any dream. Especially, a dream as large as entertainment but, overcoming challenges that accompany those risks, seem to be what really separates the dreamers from the stars– and rapper Tiffany Fox seems to be more than just a dreamer.

The self proclaimed lyricist, debuted on VH1 reality show, Love and Hip Hop season four, Monday [April 20th 2015], and her affectionately nicknamed, “gold digger” following, live tweeted in full support of her appearance.

Foxx began rapping professionally about seven years ago, under the mentorship of female rapper Lil Kim. Over the years, the two have developed a type of sisterhood rooted in music and business.

“We’re so close, shes so sweet. She’s my little big sister,” says Foxx, “Just to come from somebody who I idolized and looked up to and now that I’m working hand in hand with her on a regular basis is definitely phenomenal.”

Not only did Kim’s guidance help to develop Foxx as a lyricist, but also as a business woman, as the veteran rapper taught her professionalism, the importance of thick skin and how to become an entertainer.

The 29-year-old St. Louis native, hopes that this Love and Hip Hop opportunity, takes her career to the next level and makes room for some major #BossMoves. Foxx already has plans to push out athletic gear, swimwear, and a hair extensions brand called, Tiffany Blue, this year.

“Whatever door God decides to opens for me and this platform, I am going to milk it for what its worth and see what happens,” says Foxx.

The unapologetically honest rapper says the first episode Love and Hip Hop will only give you a taste of who Tiffany Foxx is but, most importantly, it displays her talent.

“You’re definitely going to see a sweet Tiffany Foxx, and the talented side of me.” She goes on to say, “My gold diggers, which is my fanbase, definitely know that I’m talented and I want the whole world to know.”

Fortunately, Foxx isn’t worried about the negative stigmas heavily rumored around black women, and reality television platforms. She says, though she’s not setting out to be anyone’s role model, she understands the hint of social responsibility that comes with the territory however, don’t expect her to change who she is because, she plans on staying true to herself.

“I’m gonna make mistakes, you’re going to see me happy, you might see me a little turned up. You might see me a little turned down but it is, what it is,” says Foxx, “Its just the fact that we have the courage to go ahead, and let the world see what we’re going through at the time.”

And courage is exactly what its taken for Foxx to get where she is today, openingly admitting that she had challenges to overcome during her youth and even now, in the midst of success, she still faces discouragement from time to time. Which is why, she hopes to one day inspire young girls like herself, who live with big dreams, while facing adversity.

“I want girls to make sure that they don’t wear their circumstances on their sleeve,” says Foxx, “You gotta hold on to your integrity and get a very close relationship with god. Know how to decipher your conscience, from when God is talking to you and understand the difference.”