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Tuesday night’s U.S. Open match was one for the history books as fans watched sisters Venus and Serena Williams battle it out on the tennis court to see who will advance to the semifinals. With the night being a winning situation for the Williams family regardless of the outcome, younger sister Serena took home the victory as her sister, and opponent, Venus, praised her for her accomplishment.

“I’m so happy for you,” Venus said to Serena following the match.

While both sisters took home $410,975 in prize money for making it this far in the competition, the amount of money they collect for competing in the U.S. Open is only a small fraction of their total net worth. In 2015 alone, Serena Williams raked in an estimated $24.6 million, making her No. 47 on Forbes World’s Highest Paid Athlete list. While Venus earnings and business ventures have been less publicized as of late, her boss moves made both on and off the court are worth being noted.

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After becoming a professional athlete at the young age of 14, Venus has been closing business deals off the court that have greatly contributed to her estimated $75 million net worth. Click below to see what checks the 35-year-old star athlete is cashing when she’s not in competition mode.